Law Students

If your Law School hasn’t licenced Caseflix content for use in-class or as a learning resource in your library, you can still get access to Caseflix directly for your own personal use.

Efficient Learning: Watching a case is more effective than reading about the details of a case in black and white text because it involves multiple primary senses and – in the case of the dramatic format – invokes an emotional response that contributes to the memorability of the case.

Competitive Advantage: Get the edge on your peers and adopt the most effective learning technique that is also an entertaining way to break up the monotony of reading hundreds of cases from text books and law reports.


Affordable: Subscribe to Caseflix for as low as $20 per subject for the core cases.

Rebate:  If your Law School subscribes to Caseflix during the academic year, get 80% of the price back.